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G overnment is one of the largest employers, if not the largest. Its administration and operations are very complex and anyone who has availed any services from different government organizations knows multitude of problems they face: long backlogs, rock bottom customer satisfaction, unclear, if not convoluted, procedures and countless 'middle men' to deal with.

eGovernance is the transparent, smart, seamless access, secure and authentic flow of information crossing the inter-departmental barriers and providing a fair and unbiased service to the citizen.
- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Cassini Systems' eGovernance solutions are mainly targeted at government-to-government (G2G) and government-to-business (G2B) services. If you treat government as a large corporate entity, you will find similar challenges. Our solutions help streamline complex processes and procedures, enable better collaboration and communication between people and departments, eliminate redundant or overlapping functions, securely manage sensitive documents and data, automate repetitive work and create and manage content for different government portals, all with the objective of delivering information and services and thus improving end user (citizen) experience.

Following are some of the challenges today's government agencies face:

Paper Documents

One of the biggest challenges government organizations have is dealing with paper records & documents. Finding and retrieving them is a time consuming process. Storage, traceability and security is a big concern.

Asset Management

Government organizations own and manage a huge number of physical valuable assets like buildings, lands, equipment and facilities. But, there is no centralized place where these assets and their values are listed.

Information Silos

As big as the government organizations are, both in numbers and size, so is the information and data they produce and consume. Easy access to critical information is a big challenge.

Managing Workflows

Every government function has a defined workflow. And yet, most of the work is done manually and using paper. Automating these workflows and using electronic documents can save time and money.

Content Management

Government organizations generate a lot of paper content as well as digital content through different government web portals. Creating and managing this content is a hassle.

Managing Projects

Government entities execute a lot of projects, like public works, roads and building, irrigation, and various maintenance works. Managing them requires a comprehensive project management solution.

Communication & Collaboration

When large number of people are involved, information knowledge sharing is critical to productivity and performance. Most of this is accomplished via phone or by email, both of which have limitations.

Analytics & Reporting

Big data problem is certainly relevant to government organization as they do generate large amounts of data. Providing meaningful insights into this data is a challenge and mostly relies on human interpretation.

Relevant Products

Cassini Systems offers a suite of applications for the government sector.


A suite of applications for eGovernance to streamline their resources and processes for efficient administration and functioning of various departments.
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A comprehensive document management solution to electronically manage all office documents. It also offers document imaging an capture features to convert existing paper documents.
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A robust workflow management solution to automate day-to-day tasks and lengthy assignments. With scheduling and electronic sign off you can control how and when a set of tasks can be completed.
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A people solution to enable collaboration and communication for information sharing and knowledge transfer. Other features include timesheets, attendance, benefits management, etc.
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An end-to-end project management solution to manage all kinds of government projects. Gives you visibility, traceability as well as accountability for all aspects of your projects.
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Many government organizations do procure and transport goods. Our logistics & transportation solution provides all the tools necessary to manage your procurement and distribution process.
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Relevant Services

Every government organization has unique needs and requirements. To meet these requirements, we offer a number of value added services so that you get the most out of our solutions.

Business Analysis

We offer this services to do a deep analysis of your processes and practices and make recommendations to improve them with best practices and relevant solutions.
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Data Migration

If you are currently using a legacy system to manage your data, we can migrate all that data to our system so that you can be up and running quickly.
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System Integration

If your organization uses other IT solutions, we can easily integrate them with ours so that they can work seamlessly. We offer system, application and process level integrations.
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Configuration & Customization

Your business process may have unique requirements that require special configuration and customization. Our skilled professionals can take of those needs.
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Digital Conversion

We expect a lot of paper documents and other content to converted to digital form. Our conversion service takes care of this and integrates them with our document management solution.
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Training & Certification

We offer a number of training and certification programs so that your teams can become proficient in different technologies and master all the features of our solutions.
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