• Training & Certification Services
    Training & Certification Services
    Training & Certification Services
    Training & Certification Services


We offer a number training and certification services so that users can master our solutions as well as industry best practices. Our training is provided by a competent technical team as well as subject matter experts from each industry. We offer the following classes: ADMINISTRATION, DEPLOYMENT & CONFIGURATION, APPLICATION USER, APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE, BEST PRACTICES.


This class is targeted at your IT professionals that will be responsible for management and administration of our solutions. We offer both basic and advanced levels.


For our on-premise customers we offer a deployment class that teaches your IT team how to install and configure our platform and solutions. We teach you how to fine tune our applications for optimal performance.


This class is targeted at the end-users of our applications. They learn all the features and functionality in detail so that they are at ease with our solutions.


This class is aimed at your developers who can learn our APIs so that they can customize our solutions as well as integrate our applications with your systems.


These classes offer your users a chance to master industry best practices from our subject matter experts. We can also invite professionals from the industry to come in and share their real world experience and how to solve some of the problems your organization might be struggling with.