• Value of a product or a service is not what you put into it.
    It is what the customer gets out of it.
    - Peter Drucker

Our Services

Try us and tell us what you got out of our products and services


Cassini Systems offers a wide range of professional services to maximize your return on your investments in our products and solutions. We have a network of skilled technical as well as business consultants that can solve your unique problems. When you engage with us you can be rest assured we put our best people on the job. Our solutions are well structured and have different phases that help our project managers implement our value-added services. Your teams will be involved in each phase so that our teams can understand exactly what your needs are. Our project manager will walk you through the entire process and describe all the phases in detail. These phases are highlighted below.

PHASE 1: Understand your requirements and business processes

The first step in our implementation is sit down with your teams and walk through the requirements and business problems. Typically we assign domain experts as project managers so that there is nothing lost in translation.

PHASE 2: Submit a implementation plan

Once the requirements are captured, a delivery plan is submitted in the form of statement-of-work (SOW) which includes the resources, project schedule, roles and responsibilities and list of deliverables.

PHASE 3: Actual implementation of the solution

Once the plan is signed off by your team, our service professional will begin the actual implementation of the agreed upon solution. Along the way, our project manager will do snapshot demos to encourage constant feedback from your teams. Once the implementation is complete, your team can begin acceptance testing.

PHASE 4: Fine tune the solution with your feedback

The final step is to optimize the solution based on the feedback from your team so that there are no gaps left between the agreed deliverables and their implementation. Once the project is accepted by your team, our project manager signs off.

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Cassini Advantage

Cassini Advantage is a signature program that all our customers have access to when they buy our solutions. Through this program we offer a number of value-added services to maximize your return on your investment. It offers numerous benefits that are hard to find elsewhere.


Cassini Systems' offers a comprehensive portfolio of value-added services to maximize your investment in our solutions. Our services not only have the breadth (various services) but also the required depth (deep technical and business knowledge) to see your projects delivered on time and are of high quality. These services are tailor made for each industry so that you can be confident that you are getting the best solutions for your projects.


Cassini Systems' services are designed to make your transition to our solutions as simple and seamless as possible. With extensive experience in helping customers solve their problems, we work with your teams from the beginning of the engagement to its completion. Our project managers make sure our services team understands the requirements without any ambiguity and delivers results on time.


When you work with Cassini Systems, you're partnering with a group of individuals fully committed to your success. We will take care of all the details so you are able to focus your attention on what really matters - running your business. Our project managers will be in constant touch with your teams to keep them updated on the project's progress. Any concerns or issues identified by them will be brought to your attention in a timely manner.


Our project managers and service professionals that are assigned to your project have deep domain knowledge that understand your business processes and challenges. With years of experience and industry best practices, they can solve any problems your business might be facing. Combining this deep domain knowledge with our solutions helps you realize the value of your investment to its fullest.


For longer projects, doing implementations on your own introduces risks of delays and increased costs. By leveraging our extensive project management skills and talented service professionals you can cut down your implementation time and save money. We maintain an extensive library of reusable implementation templates for each service and industry that helps our professional services team to keep the costs low.


Our service professionals have vast experience in wide array of technologies, programming languages, APIs, databases and platforms like web, mobile and all major operating systems. Our teams are also experienced in various applications and platforms for integration and migration needs. Our project managers make sure they select the right teams to do these implementations.

Our Solutions

Business Analysis

Understanding the problem is half the solution. This is why we offer business analysis services to clearly understand your requirements and recommend appropriate solutions.

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We understand that no two customers have the similar requirements. For such instances we offer comprehensive configuration and customization services to meet your exact needs.

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System Integration

To maximize the ROI of your IT ecosystem we offer different services to provide a seamless integration between our solutions and your existing systems.

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Data Migration

When you deploy our solutions you may already have a lot of data in your legacy applications. We offer data migration services to ease the transition to our solutions.

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Digital Conversion

For our document management solution we offer different services to convert your paper documents, like business forms, drawings, legal agreements, specifications, quotes, invoices, etc. into digital form.

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Training & Certification

We offer different training programs not only for our solutions but also around industry best practices from subject matter experts that give you the required edge over your competitors.

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