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A comprehensive Task Management solution

Product Details

Cassini.TM A Task Management solution for tracking the project tasks remotely. Examples are works executed on Construction Sites, Manufacturing Shop floor, Onsite maintenance works like Wind Mill maintenance, Railway Track Maintenance, Oil & Gas refineries maintenance and so on.

Cassini.TM is a very light weight and user friendly solution for managing project tasks and activities. The Project Manager in office can have complete picture about the ongoing onsite work. The Project Manager should quickly allocate the defined tasks to various contractors/team members and track the work progress on his Cassini.TM mobile app.

Once the Tasks are assigned, respective team members get notified on their mobiles about the tasks for day, week or month with all the relevant data Time, Docs, Place and so on.. The team members can initiate the work and update the progress, any issues, non-conformances or communicate with Project Manager as needed using Cassini.TM solution. And all this entire process is taken care by customized workflows defined to match your project management processes.

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Resource Management

Cassini.TM maintains the complete organization details including various departments and contractors. Each Team member is linked to various departments with right access privileges, enabling them to access only the necessary data. This Organization data and workflow processes helps to streamline complete process.


Workflow processes are predefined and embedded into system. The complete process of Task Management from Creating Tasks to Assigning to members to tracking the work progress and completing tasks and approving tasks is managed by workflow mechanism. Workflows helps in speeding up and tracking operations thus improving productivity.

Project Management

Provides several tools for day-to-day execution of project activities. This module has several tools for planning, estimating and scheduling of resource from project inception to project closure.

Task Management

Assign tasks to individuals upon their ability and skill to complete the given task and track the work status to whom you assigned and how effectively it was done. High level tasks are broken down into activities and assign those activities to individuals and track the status in real-time.

Collaboration & Communication

Several communication tools that your project teams can use to inform and be informed about all aspects of the project. You can use tools like comments, in-context messages, share photos, videos and documents.

Analytics & Reporting

Our analytics & reporting tools help you gain deep insights into your project from the task level of project to the highest level of project / program reports. Each module comes with a set of reports, which you can customize according to your needs.

Mobile App

A very user friendly mobile app adds great value to the project and Task management. The mobile app used by both Project Manager and team members will helps share information faster and resolve issues faster improving productivity.