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A comprehensive product lifecycle management

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Cassini.PLM is a comprehensive product lifecycle management tomanage all your product development, from concept, to design, manufacturing,quality and support. Reduce your time to market, improve product qualityand reliability, more accurate and timely requests, improve forecasting toreduce material costs. Cassini.PLM facilitating you a framework for product optimization.

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The product lifecycle management concept covers definition of product, product element, component, item, document, lifecycle, lifecycle phases, etc. Product information models and product models. Product structures how a structure is build, how it will behave, what are the rules attached to it? Product management related processes, product information management processes, instructions on how to apply the concept in everyday business.


The product structure information and product specifications can be found in the CAD models and in Product Data Management (PDM) tools. These PDM tools have added features to facilitate online change and approval processes for CAD models, where several groups can collaborate online on a product design.


Cassini.PLM providing you clear visibility and real-time access to bill of materials (BOMs), allowing companies to streamline global manufacturing processes to efficiently design and ship leading-edge products to market quickly and error-free.


With Cassini.PLM quality module you can measure, analyse and improve your product quality through its lifecycle. You can define a number of quality parameters for design manufacturing, parts and components, BOMs and documents and track them. Guidelines for conformance, standards and audit requirement can be managed with Cassini.PLM.


Time to market is the period of time from when a product idea has general agreement and resources are committed to the project, to when the final product is built and out the door to a customer. Cassini.PLM provides you efficient resource management, Predictable schedules and launch dates, Increased total revenue. With this you can revision how much time taken to release a product, what are the draw backs and reasons for delay.


Product data management is a part of product lifecycle management. PDM focus on managing and tracking the creation, change and archive of all information related to a product. The information being stored and managed will include engineering data such as computer-aided design (CAD) models, drawings and their associated documents.


The bill of materials is used chiefly for cost estimates, but is also used for inventory control and tracking where parts are used. You can track product changes and maintain an accurate list of required components with Cassini.PLM. Complete data can be stored and accessible.


Information is one of the biggest assets companies have. Data and information is a lifeblood of every engineering and manufacturing organization. This is a key element of company IP. Combined of 3D models, Bill of Materials, manufacturing instructions, supplier’s quotes, regulatory data and zillions of other pieces of information. Cassini. PLM facilitating multiple levels of security to access documents and data relating to a product. Admin privileges and multiple security levels are available