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A simple and innovative electronic Passenger feedback system


Cassini.PFS is a user friendly and simplified app to collect and manage feedback from Railway passengers. This is a custom solution built for South Central railways with relevant questions to collect passenger travel experience feedback through complaints, compliments and improvement suggestions directly from Railway passengers. This Cassini.PFS not only helps to gather feedback but also analyzes the feedback with custom algorithms and provide Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports to all the concerned Railway Departments.

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Cassini.PFS is an Electronic Passenger Feedback app running on industrial grade tablet, which is permanently fixed on wall mounted kiosk. The feedback questions are created and managed by administrator and can change as per management decision. We provide a very user friendly user interface to make it easy for passengers to provide quick feedback. The backend of this application is configured with reporting algorithms which automatically creates and emails the reports on daily, weekly and Monthly basis to all relevant people.

Feedback Collection

Custom question with clear and simple images to click and provide feedback, makes it a simplified feedback collection system. Very User friendly app allowing passengers of every age to provide feedback faster and accurately.

Collaboration & Communication

Railways uses many ways to communicate with passengers, Cassini.PFS will also add to this list of communication devices. Using Cassini.PFS system the management can post and communicate any important messages with passengers.

Analytics & Reporting

Our analytics & reporting tools help you gain deep insights into your passenger feedback. The reports generated will clearly display passenger’s comforts and complaints. This allows Railways to take proper corrective actions to improve passenger experience.


  • Very User-friendly way to collect passenger feedback
  • Post new questions as per relevance - season, fairs, festivals
  • Communicate directly with Railway Passengers
  • Receive Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports
  • Track suggestions and find solutions helping improve passenger experience