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A comprehensive infrastructure solution

Product Details

Cassini.IS is an end-to-end infrastructure project management solution that helps organisations manage and track project costs, schedules, resource and quality. Cassini.IS has a number of modules to various aspects of your infrastructure projects, from requirements, resource planning, document management, task management and scheduling, inventory management to track material flow, risk assessment and contingency plans and project quality. Cassini.IS allows you to complete your project on time and within planned costs. It allows you to monitor scope, time and cost to maintain desired project quality. It provides traceability and accountability across the project lifecycle. It enables better collaboration and communication among your project teams.

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Project Management

Provides a number of tools for day-to-day execution of project activities. This module has a number of tools for planning, estimating and scheduling of resource from project inception to project closure. You can organize your projects into portfolios and programs.

Requirements Management

Manage stakeholder needs and requirements to meet project objectives, manage the scope of the project. Project plan, requirements documentation, requirement traceability matrix and list of other deliverables can be managed

Document Management

Cassini.ISís document management offers a number of features like version management, change notification, role based access control, and comments/messages to communicate with team members. You can also create workspaces and folders to organize your documents & drawings.

Task Management

Assign tasks to individuals upon their ability and skill to complete the given task and track the work status to whom you assigned and how effectively it was done. High level tasks are broken down into activities and assign those activities to individuals and track the status in realtime.

Quality Management

Define various quality grades for different entities like requirements, activities, resource assignment, etc. You can define expected and achieved grades for these entities. You can measure the quality of the project as it progresses and take any corrective measures.

Procurement Management

Cassini.IS offers a number of features to define approved vendor list, products they supply, cost of each product and lead times for them. This helps project manager plan accordingly. Cassini.IS also allows you to create RFQs and RFIs and involve vendors directly in the project.

Collaboration & Communication

A number of communication tools that your project teams can use to inform and be informed about all aspects of the project. You can use tools like comments, in-context messages across different entities like projects, tasks, documents, estimates and procurement.

Analytics & Reporting

Our analytics & reporting tools help you gain deep insights into your business from the lowest level of operation to the highest level of monthly, quarterly and yearly financial reports. Each module comes with a set of reports, which you can customize according to your needs.