Our Activities

Children's Education

Rural education in India suffers due to a number of factors like proper infrastructure, motivated teachers, parental support, etc. Cassini Cares™ has taken up a number of programs to support rural education through support for government schools. We run after school, education programs, provide free textbooks and stationary, multi media, setup a library, awareness for parents about the importance of education, science lab materials and supply sports equipment.

Cassini Cares™ also offers merit based scholarship for top students for the highest class in the school. We also felicitate teachers who have gone above and beyond their basic responsibilities to motivate students to bring out the best in them.

Youth Development

Rural unemployment is always at a high, especially in some of the most backward areas of the country. Many educated youngsters struggle to get jobs as there are not many industries in these areas. On top of this, there aren't many vocational courses that train them in employable skills. Lack of proper career counseling also adds to their suffering.

Cassini Cares™ plans to conduct many programs to help the youth of the villages so that they can acquire the skills that are necessary for employability. It plans to setup a coordination team to work with companies in the cities so that these youngsters who have the right skills can find a job. Cassini Cares™ also conducts other activities like rural games and sport events like cricket tournaments and kabaddi tournaments.

Health Care

Cassini Cares™ has a program to conduct rural health camps for children and the old. It coordinates with volunteering doctors and sponsors the logistics and free medication during these medical camps. It also educates parents about nutritional values and care to be taken to provide a healthy living for their kids.

Cassini Cares™ also conducts other activities like blood donations, eye camps and dental camps. It also coordinates with other voluntary organizations to extend medical care to the rural areas. Cassini Cares™ also conducts first aid training to a handful of people in each village and provides them with health and first aid kits

Village Development

Infrastructure like roads, sewage system, public building like libraries are always in need of improvements. Cassini Cares™ contributes to the general development of the villages and their infrastructure by coordinating with the villagers and identifying their immediate needs. We encourage and motivate volunteers to offer a helping hand in the development of their villages. Cassini Cares™ provides both logistical support and financial aid to these village developmental programs.

Cassini Cares™ also plans to educate the villager in areas like rain water harvesting & utilization and renewable energy. It also provides funds for procuring, installation and operation of water purification systems.

Technology Adoption

Information technology has already reached most of Rural India, whether through its vast network of fiber optics or wireless networks. But, there are many other areas technology can help for the betterment of rural India. Cassini Cares™ provides both logistical and financial support to bring technology solutions to villages in the area of efficient agricultural methods, renewable energy like solar and wind, effective use of water resources, health care, and village infrastructure.

Cassini Cares™ plans to fund some research and development activities to apply technology to solve some of the acute problems in villages. It will coordinate with various universities and organization to modern solutions to age old problems in the villages.