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How we got started

Take engineering to the cloud

CassiniPLM was borne out of the need for building comprehensive engineering solutions for manufacturing and construction in the cloud.

As companies are trying to squeeze margins from wherever they can, the need for a cloud solution to manage their product and project lifecycle data and processes is becoming ever more important.

CassiniPLM provides the most comprehensive solution for product and project teams so that they don't have to invest in multiple point solutions and thus eliminating the need for expensive integrations.

Meet Our Team


Raghuram Reddy Tera

Founder & CEO

Edward E. Conroy

VP International Operations

Naresh Kumar Yerrabachu

GM Business Development

Praveen Kumar V.S

VP Sales & Marketing

Dr. Pavan Kumar

Advisor & Mentor

Venkat Reddy Tera

Executive Director

Our Customers